Monday, June 24, 2013

Last week of school Day 171-175

Sophie spent Day 171 on the road to Boxborough to visit the Colonial Skating Club for a couple of lessons. She read the second Kingdom Keepers book on the way. She learned a lot from the coaches down there and worked hard during her lesson.

Days  172-174 have been spent working on Daily Spark in the morning sun on the deck. She worked so hard for these two weeks that we suspended doing DS, therefore we did two lessons per book in the morning: Spelling & Grammar, US History, Spanish, Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet), as well as the Giggly Grammar book, a Shel Silverstein poem, and a story from Ancient Egypt.
Then she went off to skating and in the afternoon she completed one of her final unit reviews.
For science she wrote a 7 line, 7 stanza, Shel Silverstein inspired poem with the repeating phrase "Did you know" about all the cool stuff she learned about science!

She also planned, prepared, and created a 3-D Egyptian Pyramid Project for History.

For writing she compiled 7 pages of her best writing for this unit as her Writing Portfolio.

To demonstrate her Spanish learning, she has translated and can read in Spanish a children's book, Level 2 reading and I will film her reading & translation work for her final review.
Link to You Tube Video

Link to Video translation

For music she will perform and I will record two songs--one on the piano with voice and one on the guitar with voice.

Link to Sophie sings original song & plays guitar

Link to video Sophie sings & plays piano

We decided to skip a math review. She continues to work through the second Danika book and we will begin in September for her 8th grade year with the Math Minute book, as well as a new Math workbook, and she will finally learn how to use a calculator!

As for her reading, she is reading!!! Novels!! Because she likes them! So no review. Just encouragement to keep reading!

On the last day of school, Day 175 of 7th grade, we will film her Spanish and Music reviews, watch the Baz Luhrman movie version of Romeo & Juliet, do the last Daily Sparks of the year, and get ready for her Les Mis themed end-of-year party for family & friends.

It's been another fantastic year full of learning and adventure! Sophie continues to mature into a lovely, poised, smart, capable, considerate, thoughtful young lady and I am so proud to be her teacher and her mother.
At the end of this year I can say that Sophie is a self-directed learner who understands and enjoys that the world is full of wonder and knowledge and every day presents an opportunity to learn and grow as a human being and citizen of the world. Sophie works her best in the mornings, after a good breakfast and without a sense of rushing. She likes and appreciates following a schedule and a syllabus. Usually in the mornings we had some time that takes the place of a public school homeroom, where we reviewed the schedule for the day and I laid out the books she needed to work with and made any clarifications or answered questions. She liked the process of finishing her work and putting the book back--much like checking items off a list.

We keep a weekly calendar with the days of school and the expected work for the week. She likes to check in with the calendar daily. We keep her desk with the 3 piles of books: the ones she is currently working with daily to complete her 7 x 7 (these are unit-specific), next to that are the Daily Spark books (which did change a little throughout the year but generally remained the same grouping of books--this is also where she kept her working notebook,) and the final pile (which grew bigger as the days of school ticked by) are all the books she has read for the year!

On Friday, Day 175 that will be the last pile. We have a few books: the writing notebook, the Math book, some of the Daily Sparks books that we will carry over to next year. Otherwise all the other books--and there are a lot!--will go into a plastic tub labeled Grade Seven and up into the attic.

Sophie Calderwood is an excellent student. She is every teacher's dream student. She works hard, she is responsible for her work, she finishes tasks on time and without complaint, she writes clearly, she is eager to learn and willing to ask questions. She learned a lot this year and she is ready to be an 8th grader and have all the amazing adventures for our year abroad in Singapore!

Egypt Review: Final Project


Antony married Octavia, but did not actually love her and it wasn’t after long before his thoughts turned to Cleopatra again.  Antony treated Octavia with the greatest of respect because she was the sister of his rival. He knew that Cleopatra was the richest woman in the world, and because he was the feather to her twins, she gave him much gold and silver to pay his soldiers. I learned that Antony issued a large number of silver coins designed to show the world that he and Cleopatra were a powerful couple, on one side of the coin was a portrait of Antony, and on the other side was Cleopatra. Antony gave Cleopatra beautiful treasures that money could not buy, like the Cyprus which he gave back to Cleopatra to restore Egyptians rule. I learned that serpent rings, coiled snake rings and hawk headed earrings were some of the most famous Egyptians jewelry. Antony and Cleopatra were officially married and the Egyptians supported her a lot and so did the Romans, she made peace with both countries.


The afterlife:


Egyptians believed that if you lived a good life you would be rewarded in the afterlife, you would live with Osiris the God of Death, in the field of Reeds. I learned that at first, the Egyptians thought that only a Pharaoh could leave the tomb and travel to live with Osiris in the Field of Reeds, but then these ideas changed and the people started to believe that if the living celebrated your death ceremonially, then you could have the right of passage to the afterlife.  Mourners gathered at the homes of the deceased to begin the long procession of the tomb. They dragged the mummy over land on a wooden sled, and then crossed the river by barge.


Egypt discoveries:

In history today I learned about the discovering of the Egyptians past: The Rosette Stone was discovered 1799 by a French Soldier. The Rosetta stone was the key that enabled scholars to read the meanings of the hieroglyphs.  In 1816, Giovanni Belzoni began collecting pieces of the Rosetta stone for the British Museum. And then in 1822, Linguist Jean-Francois Champollion decoded the hieroglyphic script. In 1880 Flinders Pertie started to survey the Great Pyramid. In 1922, Howard carter discovered King Tut’s tomb.  In 1939, Pierre Montet discovered the royal tombs at Tanis.  In 1992, the underwater survey of Ancient Alexandria began. In the 1990’s Cat scans and DNA samples of mummies became possible. In 1858 National Antiquities of Egypt was set up.


Egyptian math:

I learned that Early on in Egypt, the Egyptians discovered that a triangle measuring 3, 4, 5 or 5, 12, 13 always included a right angle. Surveyors would lay out knotted ropes in a straight line and by sighting a right angles and constructing an imaginary triangle, they could determine distances.

Egyptians measured the area of irregularly shaped fields by dividing it into triangles, and then adding all the triangles together.  Egyptians even knew basic Algebra, Archeologists have discovered Egyptian Scrolls containing problems with unknown answers. Egyptians used math to keep track of how much grain they produced. I learned that 10 is presented as a head in hieroglyphics and 1 I.  100 is represented as a coiled rope and has 2 I’s. 1,000 is represented as a flower and has 3 III’s.

Egyptian science:

The Egyptians earliest calendar was based on the phases of the moon. Early Egyptians measured time by the most obvious change in their lives, the flooding of the Nile. Before long, Egyptians turned to astronomy, they learned that in just 29 ½ days the moon grows until it is a full round circle and then shrinks and disappears completely. Each time a new moon appeared, Egyptians began a new month. Twelve months were counted as one year, An Egyptian moon year had 354 days. I learned that the Egyptians predicted the flooding of the Nile by watching Sirius, a bright star that cycle was 365 days around the earth, the length of a year, Sirius always appeared a day before the flooding of the Nile so that helped the Egyptians a lot. The Egyptians subdivided their years into 12 months each 30 days, and the other 5 ½ days were for sacred holidays. According to myth, Thoth, the god of wisdom, won some of the moons light in a dice game.


Writing Review: Portfolio Sophie's Choice

Magiquest: Alphabetical sentence pargagraph:

An absolutely super fun thing to do when you’re in Myrtle Beach is go to the interactive video game arena called, “Magiquest”. Broadway at the beach is where Magiquest is located and it is fun for the whole family! Can you think of an even better way to spend a vacation then at Magiquest? Dustin, who works at Magiquest helped us pick out our wands and our clans, I chose the Woodsy Clan ad Lily chose the Warrior clan. Everyone got to choose a wand, except for mom because she didn’t want one and dad because he wasn’t there. First we went in to the training center where we learned how to play the game. “Go to the center of the room and point your wand at the screen on the turret,” said our instructor.” “Hurry and choose your mission, once you’ve chosen your mission the wizard will tell you a riddle of the things you need to find in the arena and who you must bring them to after you’ve completed your task.” I chose the enchant rune first; each rock gave you different powers when it was time to slay the dragon at the end. Just then, the wizard came on and gave me the riddle that I needed to find many different colored gems around the arena. Kellan, the wizard told me that after I found all of these gems that I had to bring them to the pixie in the Tree house in the sky. Luckily for me, I found all of the gems in no time and got to visit the pixie who gave us the rune of enchantment. Mom and Lily and I worked together as a team on the next rune, the lightning rune. Not many other people were in the arena so it was fun because there weren’t any lines to wait in at all to talk to the creatures. One of the creatures was the gargoyle of the shadow clan who in exchange for 2,000 pieces of gold gave us the distraction rune. Princess Diana was another creature that we talked to, after we brought her all of the items she wanted, she gave us the portal rune. Queen Esmeralda however as not quite as nice, in the dungeon is where she realms tricking young magi’s into never getting the rune that she holds, I saw other guests go up to her and she looks mean. Runes are like rocks that hold useful spells that can be used when fighting the dragon at the end of the game. Since we didn’t get all of the runes on our first visit, we didn’t get to battle the dragon yet. That’s why Magiquest is a great business idea, you have to keep coming back and it remembers your wand so when you come back you can increase your level and get closer and closer to battling the dragon. Understandable, we had a time limit and Lily was very upset when we had to leave because we didn’t get to meet the Goblin King, or Queen Esmeralda, or the Dragon yet, but were hoping there’s a Magiquest in Singapore! Vacation is really nice in South Carolina. We’re just wondering why there can’t be a Magiquest closer to us. Xavier, who was the person that trained us said the closest one to us was in Boston and Pennsylvania. Yet, we go to Boston quite often so maybe we can play again, someday. Zebra, Oh and if you haven’t noticed this is an alphabetical paragraph, and that Zebra word at the beginning of this sentence, yeah don’t pay attention to that, it’s just there so I can have a sentence that starts with Z!






Pirates Voyage: 1 – 14 word per sentence.

Fun. Fun Voyage. With some Pirates. Broadway at the Beach. With a really big feast. A dinner show at Pirate’s Voyage. We were on the Sapphire Pirates team! In the first act we learned about Pirates. And if we are were worthy enough to be one. We saw absolutely great stunt work and gymnastics and diving. The Second act was the Pirate Olympics Crimson Pirates against Sapphire. Lily got to be in the show, she got to chase geese. At the end of the Pirate Olympics the Sapphire pirates won a medal. And the glow in the dark mermaid pirate AWESOME show was at its end!


Double Trouble:

“Edgebono Eutoosis!” Melissa says as she’s casting a spell. “Well, hello there.” Melissa says to her new made duplicate of herself. “Hello, back.” The clone says. Melissa was a nine year old wizard at the time and without permission, duplicated herself so she wouldn’t have to go to school. “You are my clone.” Melissa says, “You will go to school as Melissa Prescott, while I stay in Wizconsin all day.” “Wizconsin” was the name of the name of the secret wizard and fantasy creature world that wizards could get to by opening a portal with a special key. They call it Wizconsin so if a mortal hears it, they think they are talking about the U.S state, Wisconsin. However, young Melissa’s plan failed and her parents caught her and her clone and told Melissa to get rid of the clone, but instead Melissa sent the clone off on another mission. First, Melissa duplicated the rest of her family members and then said this to them, “Ok, clone of me… your name is going to be Reagan, clone of Kris, your name is going to be… hmmm, Garrett, clone of Mom, you’ll be known as Claire, and clone of Dad, you will be called Steven, you are the Johnson family and I will shrink you down, once I learned the shrinking spell and I will play with you as dolls so….” “Melissa… who are you talking to? Did you get rid of that clone like I said?” Melissa’s mom screamed from across the hall. “Yes, mom she’s gone, she’s vanished, she has completely disappeared.” Melissa said…lying. “Ok, cause I will be in to check in a minute.” Uh oh! Melissa thought to herself, she couldn’t shrink the clones because she didn’t know the spell yet…. Frustrated, she started waving her wand around, and when she turned around the clones were gone. She accidently transported the Johnsons to Florida erases their minds completely! “Oh, good…she’s gone.” Melissa mother said as she peeked into Melissa’s room. Melissa was upset that she lost her dolls, but she was also wondering how she made them disappear and where to.







Double trouble:

6 years later, Jacksonville, Florida:

Reagan and her family were transported to Jacksonville six years ago with not a clue what was going on. Steven found a job, and a house and the family found a way to make a living. Reagan’s 16th birthday was next week, her family was planning a huge party and a surprise, they were going to move to California! “Hi Dana, its Claire, just wanted to make sure Hannah could come to the party.” Reagan’s mom was very nervous and wanted to make sure that all of Reagan’s friends would be able to make it to the party. “Call me back, Thank you bye.” Claire was definitely an over worrier just like Melissa’s mom, I guess the duplicate picked up the same personality, except of course, that the duplicates, didn’t know they were duplicates! Melissa’s parents weren’t making a big deal out of Melissa’s birthday as Reagan’s parents were, they were just planning a small family gathering and that was not at all what Melissa wanted .Melissa had almost completely forgotten about the clone spell until her wizard teacher taught it to her, however, her wizard teacher left out a very important part about the spell, when the wizard that casted the spell turns 16, and the clone has not yet been destroyed, the clone starts copying all of the wizards actions!



Double Trouble:

On the eve of December 12, the night before Melissa and Reagan turned sixteen, there was a change in the wind, instead of blowing from the west, it blew from the east, even in California which was, how many miles away from Florida, it made the top headline on the news, Melissa’s mom suspected something suspicious. Claire didn’t really care about it as much; she was just making sure everything went as planned for Reagan’s 16th birthday party. On the next morning, both girls had many presents to open and hugs to receive, Melissa had a whole bunch of her family members there, and since Reagan and her family had no family members, they had many of their friends there. Reagan and all of her friends and her friends family went out to lunch before the big party later that day, Melissa and her mom worked on preparing food for their whole family, while her dad, and uncles, and grandfathers, worked on party decorations. Reagan’s party was at a ballroom and she was wearing a rose pink, knee-lengthed dress with a rhinestone embellishment on the front, and her blonde hair was curled and pulled back into a bun. Melissa’s party had a few of her friends there and it was in her living room, she was wearing black skinny jeans and a floral tank top, her hair blonde hair was as normal, straight down with a headband. Both girls had fun at their parties and that was good, until, all of Melissa’s friends left just a little bit before 8:00, and it was just all of her wizard family there. When the clock struck 8:00, both girls experienced a slight change and at 8:01, Melissa took at her wand and turned her chocolate cupcakes into a 6 foot tall, red-velvet cake with floral printed fondant and edible rhinestones. The strange thing was, Reagan did the same exact thing as Melissa, unintentionally, and all of Reagan’s 300 guests guessed saw her wave her finger around and watched the three foot cake turn in the 6 foot one, with completely different design than the first one, Claire found a way to make them all believe it was special effects, but Reagan was completely shocked and new something had gone wrong.


Disney narrative Paragraph:

If you ever wanted to visit the Walt Disney World Theme park, Hollywood Studios, I suggest going there with me. I could show you around the entire park with my eyes closed, and if you want I could tell you about it now. You do? Well then you start by going to the entrance on the right you will see 4 foot high mint green walls with silver frames, inside the frames our pictures of three of the attractions that are at Hollywood studios, Toy Story Mania, the American Idol Experience, and Star tours, on the left is the same but with different attractions, The Lights, Motors, Action show, Rockin’ Rollercoaster, and Fantasia. Then you walk up to the silver ticket machines and you are officially in the park.

After you go past Tatooine Traders, you’ll find yourself on the famous streets of America, if you look to your left, you’ll see the city backdrop of New York, and if you look straight ahead, you’ll see San Francisco. If you walk toward San Francisco on your left will be “Muppet Vision 3D” Which is a movie featuring and starring the Muppets! It is a great show and you even get to see some of your favorite Muppets up close, some even run through the audience! Directly to your right from the Muppet vision you will be at the Honey I shrunk the Kids Movie Set Playground Adventure. These are reproductions of actual props from the movie, “Honey I shrunk the kids” Over behind “Honey I shrunk the kids playground are mama Melrose’s Italian Restaurant and Pizza Planet. Now from Pizza Planet, If you look straight ahead, you will see a giant coke bottle and a big red bus shoved halfway through a building this is the studio backlot tour, this is a fun adventure where you get to see props from many famous movies including, “Pirates of the Caribbean” The Muppet Movie” and many more classic movies, and some volunteer guests get to act out scenes and create a movie their selves!

Disney Narrative paragraph:

Just behind the Sorcerers hat you will see another iconic building, and inside this building lies the classic “Great Movie Ride” This ride takes you into the movies and you even get to see a little live theater! This 25 minute tour ride is great on a hot day when you want to sit down and relax and well, watch some movies! If you travel to your left from here on to Mickey Ave you will see the Animation courtyard, this is a real animation studio with classes teaching you how to draw your favorite Disney characters, and even creating characters yourself! Next to the Animation courtyard is the Little Mermaid show which is another great show for the little ones! From here if you travel towards Pixar Place to your right will be “One Man’s dream” a movie about Walt Disney and his life as well as future plans for Disney World. After this is the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow an interactive 4D Pirate show. Now we head on into Pixar Place, where many of your favorite Toy Story characters lurk! And to your right once again is Toy Story Mania, the Carnival like game and the 2nd most popular ride in all of Walt Disney world. Ring Toss with Buzz and Aliens, Root, Toot, and Shoot with Woody and Jessie, and try to get the best score in your vehicle!



When you exit from Toy Story Mania you can walk straight on to Sunset Boulevard, where you will get a view of the tallest building in Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Tower Hotel, or better known as, “The Tower of Terror!” When you walk in to this ride you will see indications that this is definitely an old abandoned Hollywood hotel, but you will continue on where the bellboys will lead you on an elevator that will take you beyond the fifth this thrilling elevator ride it is definitely worth it because the drop sequences are different every time dimension, to the thirteenth floor, and into, the Twilight Zone! If you dare to take the plunge onto you ride it and it is definitely worth the chills and anticipation. When you exit tower of terror, if you look to your left you will see a big red and white electric guitar with an upside down car hanging off of its neck, this is another favorite to guest going to Hollywood Studios, Rockin’ Roller coaster starring Aerosmith. When you enter this thrilling ride it seems like a recording studio…that’s because it is! And when Aerosmith sees you, they give you VIP tickets and backstage passes to their show, but since it starts in a couple of minutes, their manager gives you a super stretch super fast limo. The launch goes from 0-60 and features a loop, a corkscrew and many thrilling drops. Now if you are looking for a great show…I suggest Fantasmic and soar the powers of imagination with Mickey! The park closes now so I hope you have enjoyed your time with me here at Hollywood Studios and cone back again soon J





Components Camp paragraph:

I have gone to USFS’s Components Camp twice and I can honestly say that it keeps getting more and more impressive, the staff is just so amazing and so are all the volunteers that help as team leaders. I went to a camp in Ohio in 2011, and I can say that both were absolutely fantastic. I really like that Coaches and Parents can have their own classes too. My favorite part about this year’s components camp was working with all the different instructors and watching all of their different techniques and finding a way to put that into my skating. I loved meeting all the skaters on my team and seeing what I could learn from then, as well as making good friends with all of them. I definitely want to go back to Components Camp in the future, and work with new instructors, and learn so much more!


Brookgreen  gardens and Low country trail paragraphs:

                Brook green Gardens is filled with absolutely beautiful statues, fascinating plants and flowers, magnificent animals, and much history. With so many different activities Brook green Gardens is the perfect way to spend your day. The statues are Grecian God inspired and are beautiful painted in Gold, Silver, and bronze. There are also sculptures and statues of animals like a heron, a seal, and all the other animals in the zoo at Brook green Gardens. There are also many beautiful gardens filled with vibrant colored flowers and magical trees. Brook green Gardens used to be a Slave Plantation, and what is called, “The Low-country Trail,” is actually the historical rice field that many slaves in the 19th century worked at. There are also many different ponds throughout the Gardens, and many beautiful fountains in the ponds. I thought the Brook Green gardens were absolutely beautiful and I would love to go there again someday.

The Low-Country Trail was a historical walk on a South Carolina Slave Plantation from the 19th century with beautiful statues and a platform overlooking a rice plantation. On the Rice Plantation I could see all of the harsh climates that these slaves were working through, very hot weather wet weather, and all of the natural wildlife like alligators, panthers, poisonous snakes, and more. One of the statues was of a slave woman; you could see that every single day of her life had a routine, housework. She would work in the kitchen, clean the house, cook, and make sure everything was perfect for her master, then she would do the same thing for her own family. The statue was of a slave woman, with a broom, and apron, and she looking to the sky, as if she was looking for a better life, she was looking for something better in the future, but she knew this could never happen. I saw how small all of the slave houses were, and I really understand why they wanted to get away from the South and risk the chance of getting caught, I guess they thought it would still be better than being a slave.

I read an American Black Folktale today, it was called, He Lion, Bruh Bear, and Bruh Rabbit. It was about He Lion thinking all of the time about himself and only himself, me, myself, and I, he always said, me, myself, and I, I could tell by reading this story that He Lion, was actually the plantation owner who only thought about himself. Bruh Bear and Bruh Rabbit were the lower class, the slaves, they were always doing what He Lion told them to do, even if it wasn’t right, One day they told He Lion that he was being selfish and then He Lion got really mad, and he separated Bruh Bear and Bruh Rabbit and sent them (sold them) to another Lion far away, and that was the end of the story.


We spent about 3 ½ hours at the museum and then took an absolutely gorgeous walk through Central park all the way to FAO Schwartz. That’s when we started our video star. Jasmine videoed Cecilia and I on the big piano at FAO Schwartz dancing to One Direction…Oh yeah! That was a lot of fun. After FAO Schwartz we walked to Rockefeller Center and saw the NBC studios. After that, we went to Time Square…. And went shopping! We went to a lot of souvenir shops by Broadway and in Times Square and it was amazing! We went to Forever 21, and the Disney store and it was super cool! We also videoed us on the red stairs and when we were dancing, a woman behind us started dancing too….It was hilarious! We walked to Bryant park and went skating after Times Square…. And boy did we show off! We had like 8 feet of ice to do freestyle on in the middle, and we made the best of it. We practiced our solos and our thriller number and at one point everyone else skating stopped and watched us when our music came on and we couldn’t help ourselves from dancing! It was SOO much fun and a great experience! Thank you mom, Dad, and Meg for making this possible!


Writing with Dialogue:

. In writing today I wrote a paragraph about two characters having a conversation, this is called the Dialogue of a story. So I wrote a scene from the story “My Normal life” between the main character and my character: When I entered into my house, I saw him, “Umm what are you doing here?” I asked. “I needed to talk to you… immediately” he said. We made our way to the back of the room. “So you know that farmers market by Mrs. Refsals house, right?” “ya” I said with a question. “Well the stall that sells brown eggs is run by this man named Jeremiah, who went to grade school with my mom.” Max said. I thought to myself…”And your point is?” but instead I said, “Go on.” “He is actually related to the president!” Max said quite excitedly. “Can you believe it?!” he said one more time since I delayed my answer. “No, no I can’t… who told you this?” I said because I did not believe this story one bit. “Mrs. Refsal!” he said as I watched his eyes go to disappointed. “She was just messing with me wasn’t she…?” he said in a depressed tone of voice. “ya think” I said with a smirk.


When I entered into my house, I saw him. “Umm what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I needed to talk to you… immediately” he said.

We made our way to the back of the room. “So you know that farmers market by Mrs. Refsals house, right?”

“ya” I said with a question.

“Well the stall that sells brown eggs is run by this man named Jeremiah, who went to grade school with my mom.” Max said.

 I thought to myself…”And your point is?” but instead I said, “Go on.”

“He is actually related to the president!” Max said quite excitedly. “Can you believe it?!” he said one more time since I delayed my answer.

 “No, no I can’t… who told you this?” I said because I did not believe this story one bit.

“Mrs. Refsal!” he said as I watched his eyes go to disappointed.

“She was just messing with me wasn’t she…?” he said in a depressed tone of voice.

“ya think” I said with a smirk.


Writing exercise: Writers use details in their settings that match the mood of what is happening in the story: First think about details that a writer might include in a story that was humorous or light-hearted. What might the weather be like? The sun was running, hopelessly from the clouds chasing it. Then, the clouds ran away from the big blue patch of sky growing larger and larger and making the clouds disappear into a perfect day.


e. What time of day might it be? The sun was to the right of the sky so it was probably around 3:00, then I looked at my watch to see if my estimate was correct, 2:58…Oh I love to be right!

f. Now, write some sensory details that might include a scary part or a part where something bad is going to happen to a character. What might the weather be like: In my mind, the trees were closing in creating a dark tunnel around me, and the sky was a dark red like the color of blood…however, this was not the real weather. But knowing that my blood might be part of my sky in a couple of minutes, it seemed so.

g. What time of day might it be? It was night, I knew this for sure because I was tired, but I also knew that I couldn’t rest now, the “thing” was coming, and it was coming soon.

Science Review: Silverstein inspired poem

Science Poem

Did you know that some scientists believe,

That life didn’t start on Earth?

But came from Outer Space you see,

And for what it’s worth,

They think that a comet, hit the Earth,

Carrying all the proteins of what  living things are formed,

There are many theories about the origin of life on Earth,

But none that are proven true.


Did you know that Nature provides,

Many different forms of Energy?

Energy that comes from the changes of the tides,

From Oil, from Wind, from the sea.

Coal and oil are the main sources,

But they are non-renewable,

Now scientists are finding different ways and courses,

Of Energy we can renew.


Did you know that Medical books,

Like the Book of surgery,

Originated from Egypt, by the looks,

On papyrus they put down some early remedies,

Dental Care is also from here,

The first Dentist s known as Hesi Re,

Though some mistakes brought their patients tears,

They carried with it through and through.


Did you know, that it takes light,

About eight minutes from to go from the sun to the Earth?

Watching it do so Oh what a sight!

Nothing travels faster than it on Earth.

Light always travels in a straight line,

Except when a solid object blocks it way,

 Did you know that even though light appears white,

Various colors make it up like purple, yellow, and blue.


Did you know that there is Enough,

Solar Energy on Earth to meet all of our needs,

But capturing it can be tough, so we use Solar panels indeed,

Solar cells capture sunlight,

Using silicon crystals on the panels,

The light knocks loose electrical charges all right,

 Which are carried threw wires, who knew!


Did you know that Egypt’s earliest calendar

Was based on the phases of the moon

But the Sirius star was the new trend bender

And their calendar changed pretty soon

Now their calendar had 365 days,

Just like ours does now,

And when Cleopatra was Queen she made Caesar obey,

And the Romans had the calendar too!


Did you know that a magnet field,

 Is the force around a magnet?

 The magnet was discovered in China, For real!

In 200 BC, when they also discovered the poles of a magnet,

The poles of a magnet, is what makes a compass,

Tell you which way was North,

Magnets are also used on a refrigerator,

By holding up noted that help you remember too!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 170

7 x7 Seven Subjects & 7 things I learned Day 170


1.       Math

a. In math today I found and graphed the solution set for the inequalities.

b. In other words, what group of values of x make these true statements?

c. -3(x – 9( > 6

Answer: x < 7

d. 8 + x < 16

Answer: x < 8

e. 8 – x < 16

Answer: x > -8

f. -3x – 1 <- 5

Answer: x <- -2

g. 2x – 1 > x + 3

Answer: x > 4


2.       Science

a.       Question: When did the first land creatures appear?

Answer: Scientists say that all of the sea life of the prehistoric life developed into insects like mayflies and dragonflies. They grew lungs and their fins turned to legs. They were the first amphibians.

b.      Question: What is a magnet field?

Answer: the area around a permanent magnet has a force that can affect other magnets or magnet materials that come near it. This area is called the magnet field.

c.       Question: What is the difference between speed and velocity?

Answer:  Speed is the distance traveled by an object in a particular time. Velocity is speed in a particular direction.

d.      Question: When was the first motor car made?

Answer: The first car was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot and constructed by M. Brezin in France 1769. It ran on steam and on rails. 

e.      Question: How did water travel develop?

Answer: During the industrial Revolution, water travel entered a new era. The development of the steam engine led to steamboats which were a significant change for water travel.

f.        Question: when were the first sails used?

Answer:  By 3000 bc, people knew how to tie a cotton sail.

g.       Question: Who were the first scientists to study air travel?

Answer: In the thirteenth century, Roger Bacon declared that he was sure air could support aircraft.


3.       History

a. Cleopatra and Antony arrived at Athens along with Octavian who declared War against Antony and Cleopatra. Antony found himself plagued by doubts and indecision, should he fight on land or on sea?

b. Cleopatra wrote at camp in Actium: “My body was torn in two, my head would sacrifice anything for Egypt, but my heart had become a lover and a mother. As war raged at sea, so the blood of Isis mixed with the blood of Ptolemy’s boiling in my veins. 

c. Antony chose the sea battle; Antony’s main tactic was to maneuver alongside an enemy ship so that his crew could jump aboard and engage in hand to hand fighting.

d. At the battle of Actium Cleopatra and Antony decided that they had no hope of defeating Octavian, and his surrender terms were unacceptable.

e. Both Cleopatra and Antony decided that they would both rather die with dignity rather than be taken prisoner and paraded through the streets of Rome on chains.

f. They decided that the events that caused their death had to be as dramatic as the lives they led.

g. Cleopatra decided to die by snakebite, and Antony stabbed himself with his own sword.

4. Language

a. Pedrito se agusto muchisimo; corria de un lado. Peter get scared a lot, he ran.

b. Otro por la hiuerta buscando la salida. To another side of the garden, always looking out.

c. Pero habia olvidado donde estaba. For the exit, but he forgot where it was.

d. Perdio un Zapata entre las coles y el otro entre las papas. Peter lost one of his shoes in between the sprouts, and the other between the potatoes.

e. Sin zapatos pudo corer en cuantro patas. Without shoes, Peter had to run on all fours.

f. Mucho mas ligero, y creo que hubiera logrado escaper. And he would have made an escape.

g. Por desgracia uno de los grandes botones de bronce de su nueva. Unfortunetly one of Peters Great brand new broze buttons got caught.


5. Reading

a. Seeing Maleficent and Jez together at the Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party was kind of creepy and Finn seemed to wonder if Jez was her daughter, When Finn tried to ask Amanda what was going on and why she could use “spells” Amanda froze up as well as Charlene and they both fainted. 

b. In the Pirates of the Caribbean jail, Philby and Finn found Jez and Maleficent Finn Pointed Walt Disney’s pen at maleficent and it seemed like a lightning bolt for the longer he held the longer she electrocuted and lost her powers.

c. Wayne congratulated the DHI’s on their job well done but that wasn’t the end.

6. Writing

Another paragraph of how to instructions:

Search for a word on Dictionary dot com.

First, what you do is go to an internet website such as Google, or Firefox, or Bing. A big long search bar should come up, after you press on that, you can type, “Dictionary” and then press search. Below the search bar should be the link, “” once you press on that it should transfer you to the site. Then, what you do is search for a word and then type which dictionary you want it to be from, Spanish, English, Ancient Egypt anything. If you would rather search on Thesaurus the button should be on the top. Once you have typed your word in, you oppress send, and then finally, your word should come up.

7. Art

a. I did 1 hour of music practice:

Day 169

7 x7 Seven Subjects & 7 things I learned Day 169

1.       Math

a. In math today I learned about exponents.

b. I wrote these expressions down in much simpler more efficient ways, without evaluating them.

c. 6 x  x 6 x 6 x 8

Answer: 6 ₃x 8₂

d. 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2x 5 x 5

Answer: 2⁵ x 5₂

e. 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10

Answer: 10⁶

f. 12 x 12 x 7 x 7 x 12 x 7 x 12

Answer:  12₄ x 7₃

g. (0.2) x(0.2) x(0.2) x(0.2)

Answer: (0.2₄)


2.       Science

a.       Question: What was the first animal with a spine?

Answer: The first animal with a spine was called the pikaia, It looked like a flat worm and was about2 inches long. It swam close to the sea floor, by twisting its body back and forth and using its tail to steer. The pikaia is now extinct.

b.      Question: How does an ice cube become water?

Answer: Adding more energy or taking away energy from a substance changes its form. When you add heat energy to an ice cube, it changes into water, this is a physical change since its state and shape change but the atoms do not change.

c.       Question: Does light always travel in a straight line?

Answer: Yes, Light travels in a straight line unless an object its blocking its path. If the object is solid, the light bends around the edges of an object creating a shadow.

d.      Question: Does sound travel as fast as light?

Answer: Sound travels far slower than light. This is why we see lightning before we hear thunder.


e.      Question: How is heat measured?

Answer:  Heat is measured by a thermometer.

f.        Question: Who discovered electricity?

Answer: Ancient Greeks knew that electricity could be made by rubbing two pieces of felt together. But the first to use the word was Sir Thomas Browne in his 1646 book, Pseudodoxia Epidemica.

g.       Question: How did people find out about magnets?

Answer:  The magnet was discovered n 200 bc in China. Around the same time they discovered you could figure out which way was north and which way was south from a compass.


3.       History

a. After Antony refuse to come home to Rome to answer his critics, Octavian got an increased power hold on the Senate.

b. Antony and Cleopatra went to Turkey together to establish their Allied troops.

c. I learned that Octavian made his move against Antony and illegally copied his will and showed it to Rome.

d. The will said that Ceasaroin was going to be his main heir.

e. Antony ordered the people of Rome to make a pamphlet that was titled, “On his Drinking” the pamphlet was said to deny his drinking problem.

f. Antony and Cleopatra sailed to Athens, where they were greeted by cheering crowds.

g. After Octavian heard that Cleopatra and Antony went to Greece, he set up his own troops to meet them there.

4. Language

a. Primero comio un poco de lechuga y algunas habas.

b. Despues algunos rabanitos y entonces sintiendose bastante enfermo.

c. Fue a buscar un poco de perejil.

d. Pero al otro lado del catero de los pepinos.

e. ?A quien encontro? !Al mismito senor Gregorio!

f. El senor Gregorio estaba plantando coles.

g. Se puso en pie de un salto y corrio tras Pedrito agitando un rastrillo y gritando.


5. Reading

a. The DHI’s had all the letters they needed to solve the riddle, they used an anagram app on the computer and Philby figured out that the most logical combination of the letters was, MY FIRST PEN.

b. This would mean that if Walt Disney’s first pen was on display somewhere it would probably be at One Man’s Dream, the Walt Disney Exhibition at Hollywood Studios.

c. Finn snuck into the exhibit after it closed at got the first pen that Walt Disney ever used and the plans for the park just as Wayne told him to.

6. Writing

Today in writing I wrote “How to instructions”

I wrote about how to get to Netflix on the Wii.

                First, what you do is turn on the power button on the Wii, the power button is in the upper left corner, the light on the button should go from yellow to green. Then you turn on the TV, and hit the channel button so that the TV mode is on AV. Next, the screen should say, “Welcome to Wii Press A to start. On your Wii remote, there will be a big circle button in the middle, with an “A” on it. After you press “A” the home screen should come up. There you should see a red box in the bottom right corner of the menu, you move the Wii remote over to that red square where it should say, “Netflix.” Then you press that by hitting the “A” button again. Hit the “A” button once more to start the program. Finally the list of television shows and movies should come up scroll for your favorite one and watch it all day and as many times as you want.

7. Art

a. Studied the Mary Poppins music.

Day 168

7 x7 Seven Subjects & 7 things I learned Day 168

1.       Math

a. Today in math I practiced graphing inequalities.

b. -4 < y <- 5

c. The graph I made for the problem up above has the -4 circle on the number line not completely colored in because < means we can’t include it, where as the circle for 5 is colored in.

d. 6 > w

e. I created a number line going from -4 to 6.

f. -9 <- x I created a number line going from -9 to -12

g. 2 < n < 3 crossed circles going from 2 to 3.


2.       Science

a. Boning rod: A tool with three pegs of equal height, two connected by a cord and one loose. IT was used to level a stone.

b. Caisson: a large tube-shaped structure used to build tunnels.

c. Capstone: A pointed stone with a plug on the bottom. A capstone was placed at the very top of each pyramid

d. Faience: A material made from a powdered stone, used to make jewelry.

e. Plumb line:  A simple tool that can be used to establish a true vertical.

f. Shaduf: a weighted pole used by ancient Egyptians to raise water.

g. Veneer: a thin layer of expensive wood laid over cheaper wood to produce furniture or other wooden items at a lower cost.


3.       History

a. I learned that in 34 bc, Antony conquered the kingdom of Armenia and Cleopatra arranged a victory festival even more splendid than a Roman triumph.

b. Cleopatra named the day a great holiday and all the people of Alexandria celebrated.

c. Antony gave each of his children a land to rule, he told everyone from them on that Cleopatra was known as the, “Queen of Kings and Mother of Kings”

d. That saying made him very popular in Egypt.

e. During Cleopatra’s reign she gave herself additional names as her confidence increased.

f. One of her names was Philopater, (father loving) to show her respect for her father Ptolemy XII. Later she added thea neotera (The younger godess) and in 34 bc she officially became Nea Isis, (new Isis)

g. The Roman people did not like how Cleopatra and Antony held the grand festival of the conquering of Armenia in Egypt and people started to spread bad rumors about Cleopatra.

4. Language

a. La senora Conejo tomo una canasta y un piraguas y atreveso el bosque hasta llegar a la panaderia. Mother rabbit took a basket and an umbrella and then she crossed the forest to the bakery.

b. Pompon, Moliita y Cola de Algodon que eran conejitas muy buenas. Pompom, Molita, and Cotton tail were very good little bunnies.

c. Fueron a recoger moras por el sondero. They were collecting blackberries on the trail.

d. Pero Pedrito que era muy desobe. But peter, was the littlest of them all.

e. Diente, corrio derechito a la huerta senor Gregorio Peter ran straight for the orchard and into Mr. Gregory’s garden.

f. y se escurrio por debajo de la cerca. And he scurried below the fence.

g. This book was written by Beatrix Potter.


5. Reading

a. The next night of crossing over, Finn and Philby went to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to try and find the next clue, stone. Everything was good and when they found the three letters they were looking for, they continued until a big T-rex started chasing them down the rollercoaster track.

b. The DHI’s decided that Mickey’s not so scary Halloween festival was the perfect place for maleficent to blend in and go through with her plan and they were right.

c. The DHI’s learned that Jez worked for maleficent and they were both planning on capturing innocent mortals and storing them in a jail cell under Pirates of the Caribbean.

6. Writing
7. Art

a. Read Act 1 of Mary Poppins again.